My book, Morristown Lattin, County Kildare, 1630-1800: The estate and its tenants has now been published and is now sold out with Four Courts Press. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please fill out this form.

Through an examination of the estate records, this case study provides an insight into the adaption and survival of a Catholic-owned estate during two tumultuous periods in Irish history. The analysis of leases, rent rolls, correspondence and legal documents, permits the tracing of patterns of land ownership and inheritance across the generations, in addition to the tenants and their links with the estate over generations. This analysis of family and estate papers also sheds light on many other areas of social history that has largely been obscured. This includes the role of women in seventeenth and eighteenth century society and estate management.

Date:September, 2020
Author:Emma Lyons BA MA PhD